The Paleo diet comes from history lessons on the Paleolithic era when humans only ate the foods they could forage or hunt for. This way of eating helps to detox the body and shed a few extra pounds. So it has become very popular with those who want to focus on eating only clean foods […]

If you drink milk, you have seen the term “pasteurization” on your carton label. Though the word is familiar, what exactly does that process entail? We commonly hear it’s done to improve the health and safety of our milk, but in what ways? The U.S. Dairy Industry follows rigorous guidelines to ensure every cup of […]

Different food products come with different benefits to your body. Among the most highly consumed food products are dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. These dairy products can provide you with a ton of health benefits due to the various nutrients they contain. The nutrients are essential to the maintenance of your body, […]